What Are The Advantages of Skylight Loft Conversion

What Are The Advantages of Skylight Loft Conversion 

The skylight loft conversion is one of the most popular types of loft conversions that property owners invest in. This isn’t surprising due to the fact that it is suitable for any property and is much more cost-effective. Therefore, if you need extra space at home and you are on a tight budget, this cost-effective solution is the best choice for you. 

Skylight loft conversion 

It is the type of conversion that retains the original structure of the roof. The goal for this conversion is to transform the dark and unused loft space into a brightly lit new room. Contractors will only add skylights to the existing roof structure, bringing natural light into the previously dark loft. While this type of conversion does not add any extra headspace to your loft, the natural light and the plastered finish will make it a usable new space.  

Skylight Loft Conversion Requirements 

Like any other type of building project, skylight loft conversion also has certain minimum requirements. Among these is the 2.2 metres pitch height. You can reduce the height of the ceiling of the lower floor if the height of your loft is less than that. The same as a rear dormer conversion, skylight conversion also involves building a suspended floor and loft space insulation. 

The skylight loft conversion will be the best option if your home is located in a heritage zone or a conservation area. It does not require a massive alteration on your existing building, thus causes only a minimal impact on the environment.  

Skylight Loft Conversion Cost 

The cost for a skylight loft conversion depends on the type of your property and the materials you choose. The experts estimate is around £32k as a starting point. The cost includes the old roof removal, interior refurbishment, and the new skylight installation.  

J&D Building Skylight Loft Conversion 

Whether you want to turn your loft into a home office or a home cinema where your whole family can relax and enjoy, you can do anything with your new space.  

Get in touch with J&D Building today if you wish to enquire more about skylight loft conversion. We are more than glad to share everything you need to know. 

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