The Five Most Asked Questions Regarding Garage Conversions

Garage conversions are common to those who need extra space to accommodate their growing family. The cost-effective and less invasive nature of the project is drawing huge attention.

We answer five of the most important questions that garage conversion specialists receive from clients and prospective clients alike on this list. You might have the same questions, so feel free to read the answers below.

Question: Does garage conversion improve the property’s value?

Answer: Yes. Any improvement and expansion project can add value to your home. But take note that to get a good return on your investment, your garage conversion has to be planned and executed well. Or else, you will end up paying a huge, more than what you are supposed to spend on the project without getting a significant added value to your home.

It would be best to consider how garage conversion can benefit your home or family life more than the monetary value. For example, if you work or run a business from home, converting your garage into a home office will make an excellent investment.

Question: How much does a garage conversation cost?

Answer: It all depends on the type of conversion and the people you hire to do the job. While you can save a huge amount in doing the conversion on your own, hiring professionals will definitely save your time and give you peace of mind.

Other factors to consider is if you are adding an en-suite or other features. The materials to use are also a determining factor in the project cost. We recommend hiring a professional garage conversion company to ensure a hassle-free and money-efficient project.

Question: Is planning permission needed?

Answer: Internal conversions that do not affect the garage walls, including door and window replacement, don’t require planning permissions. Suppose your conversion project involves adding doors and windows or being located in a conservation area. In that case, you will need to call your local planning department to seek advice. Listed properties also require listed building consent to carry out a garage conversion project.

Question: What about building regulations?

Answer: Like any other building project, your garage conversion needs to comply with the building regulations. Complying with these regulations will protect your property safe against the risk of fire accidents, as well as insulation, ventilation, and structural issues.

Question: How do I start with the project?

Answer: After determining whether you need planning permission or not, it is not time to decide your project’s approach. Although you have the experience and are confident of your garage conversion skills, we recommend seeking the help of structural engineers to make sure that all works and alterations you are going to make on your property are calculated and carefully considered.

You may also hire professional garage conversion specialists to take care of all project phases – from planning, execution to completion.

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