Practical Ways to Optimise Your Loft Space

 Are you planning to add more space to your home through loft conversion? You are probably looking for effective and stylish ways to maximise the space. 

Our list of brilliant yet practical ideas on how to make a converted loft look and feel bigger will help you choose the best design and decoration to make the most of your loft conversion project. 

Bring in natural light 

With the vast amount of natural light entering your room, it will then look and feel bigger. Carefully plan where to position your dormer windows or skylights so you could get as much sunlight in your room. 

Install more light fixtures 

Aside from the abundance of natural light, installing more light fixtures and lamps can help you make your loft space look and feel bigger. The amount of light that these artificial lights can spread into your room can make it look bigger even during the night. 

Use the same paint colours for your walls and ceiling 

Painting your ceiling and wall using the same colour can give an illusion of more height because it prevents you from seeing where the joint is. It would make the room look taller than its original size. 

Use light paint colours 

Unlike dark colours that absorb light, light colours such as cream and white reflect them, giving a feeling or illusion that your space is bigger. To complete the large and airy effect of your loft space, pair your light-coloured walls and ceilings with light-coloured flooring. 

Use large wall arts 

Instead of using lots of small pieces of decorations, using only a few but large pieces of wall art can make your wall appear larger and spacious. 

Install a large mirror 

Since mirrors reflect light, it extends the natural light and makes your room look more spacious. You can either incorporate the mirror into your floor to ceiling wardrobe or hang it in a direction opposite to your window. 

Install tall, built-in shelves 

Tall built-in shelves will not only save you a considerable amount of floor space but can also make your ceiling look higher. It will give you an airy feeling in your room and an ample storage space at the same time. 

Use striped decorations 

Using striped carpets, rugs, and decorations is also a way to elongate your room. By orienting the stripes to run the most extended length inside your room, you can make it look more spacious. 

Subdivide the room areas 

If you have converted your loft into a multi-purpose room, subdividing or creating small spaces for different areas can give an illusion of having a larger space.  


Get in touch with our specialists today if you need help in creating an optimised loft space. 

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