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What Are The Advantages of Skylight Loft Conversion

What Are The Advantages of Skylight Loft Conversion  The skylight loft conversion is one of the most popular types of loft conversions that property owners invest in. This isn’t surprising due to the fact that it is suitable for any property and is much more cost-effective. Therefore, if you need extra space at home and you are on a tight budget, this cost-effective solution is the best choice for you.  Skylight loft conversion  It is the type of conversion that retains the original structure of the roof. The goal for this conversion is to transform the dark and unused loft space into a brightly...

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Practical Ways to Optimise Your Loft Space

 Are you planning to add more space to your home through loft conversion? You are probably looking for effective and stylish ways to maximise the space.  Our list of brilliant yet practical ideas on how to make a converted loft look and feel bigger will help you choose the best design and decoration to make the most of your loft conversion project.  Bring in natural light  With the vast amount of natural light entering your room, it will then look and feel bigger. Carefully plan where to position your dormer windows or skylights so you could get as much sunlight in your room.  Install more light...

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Is Loft Conversion Worth Your Investment

A loft conversion is becoming more popular these days more than ever. By extending their home upward, families can get the extra space they need without moving to a new property and neighborhood. But you might ask, is loft conversion worthy of your investment? Loft Conversion Benefits There is no need for planning permission As long as it does not protrude too much from your existing roof and does not exceed the standard size, there is no need to get planning permission for your loft conversion. Increases the value of your house According to the Nationwide Building Society’s research,...

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